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Greetings One and all,

Some of you already know me and have for quite a few years - I am innocent of all claims that I did any mental or liver damage. :lol:
Probably many of you do not know me or may have heard the rumors .... I am Leezard - TB-8180. I started with the 501st in 2005 in Metry building my Scout and Katrina did a video game reset on my life. I have been involved with Star Wars through the 501st and as an artist, freelancing for Lucas/Disney for over 15 years and 3 Garrisons (12 years with the Legion). Some of THEE best memories with the Legion involve some fantastic people in this Garrison, which I am incredibly proud to finally be a part of now.

Currently, I reside in Atlanta, I am probably a fairly good contact for and at Dragon*Con.

Not really sure what else I can elaborate on .... let the questions ....

Oh, and I live by the creedo of old ---- Shut Up and Troop1 8-)
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Re: Homecoming

Post by Bubonos »

Welcome back, always good to see another scout!

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Re: Homecoming

Post by Reela »

I love your creedo.
Welcome back.
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Re: Homecoming

Post by Kedex »

Kirk, you're anything but innocent. :P
Valar Dohaeris
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