Hi from Baton Rouge :)

This is where potential members can come and introduce themselves
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Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by chibi »

Met Dewka @ CoastCon over the weekend, and I got recruited and told to come say hi :)

I know some of y'all from the local cons, coastcon, mobicon, and contraflow mostly and hope to meet others soon enough. Thinking about putting together an Ysanne Isard, soon enough. For now, though I'm getting settled in :)

Also, I'll be at Comic book Day on May the 2nd and CyphaCon in April so I'll try to introduce myself there as well.

Rebecca :)
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by niugnep »

Welcome to the forums. Please make yourself at home and if you have any questions, we'll be more than happy to help.

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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Dewka »

Glad to see you on, and i really did enjoy meeting you and hanging out.
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Reela »

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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Kedex »

Took you long enough. :P
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by kmcdougan »

Welcome aboard!

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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Balcony Brawler »

Hi Rebecca, Welcome to the BAG boards!
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Chief »

Welcom and glad to have you here.

If you need any help please just ask.
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by Bubonos »

Nice to meet you, feel free to wrangle a few events to get to know some of the gang. There are some fun local events and a grew group of troopers in our area as well as statewide.
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Re: Hi from Baton Rouge :)

Post by VADER1 »

Welcome to the forum Rebecca. We are honored you could join us. 8-)
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