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Re: Hello from Lafayette

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 9:36 am
by DHKnecht
Thanks Halyonix :). Looking forward to trooping in general once we get past all these Covid delays.

Dewka - I'm working on all of the finer details now, like the helmet fans, lights in the helmet, refining details in the E-11D Blaster Rifle, etc. For the bigger parts, I think I can shim down the forearms, since I don't have that much I need to take off, but it alters some of the details. I'll try that first and then reprint if it doesn't look right. On the thighs, I'm looking to change from the printed appearance of rubber on the outside/inside to using actual rubber so I can open and close them, rather than having to step into them. That should solve the fit and wearability issues, but the rubber isn't cheap. I'm hoping to be done and approved by Jan 1!