Hello From Thibodaux!

This is where potential members can come and introduce themselves
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Hello From Thibodaux!

Post by OneStrangeCyka »

Been wanting to be a member of Vader's Fist for a long long time! Currently saving for an ANH TK kit, and I hope to see some of you out in the field soon!
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Re: Hello From Thibodaux!

Post by Dewka »

Hi Austin!
Welcome to the BAG forums.

Feel free to ask questions, and remember to check the new member links located near the bottom of the topics page, they will have some good information for you as well.

Have you decided on a particular maker for your kit yet?
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Re: Hello From Thibodaux!

Post by Kylo Revan »

Hey Austin,

Good to hear from you! If you need any information feel free to let us know. Also make sure you check out www.thewhitearmor.net for lots of information on TK builds, tips, etc as that's the detachment if you haven't already!

Look forward to getting to know you. If you want to see about attending any events as a wrangler as well to meet some folks we can see what may appeal to you.
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Re: Hello From Thibodaux!

Post by Shanester »

Hi Austin! I am glad you got the info I posted on FISD. I am a Deployment Officer there, but more importantly, I am a GML here, so I will likely help you get approved and TKs are a specialty of mine. I welcome you aboard and encourage you to ask questions if you have them. You have access to a lot of experience and knowledge amongst our membership and we want you to succeed. Good luck!
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