Transplant from the Carolina Garrison

This is where potential members can come and introduce themselves
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Transplant from the Carolina Garrison

Post by djmatrix09 »

Greetings Troopers!

I'm Drew, from the Carolina Garrison. My family and I are relocating to New Orleans in June, and my transfer request to Bast Alpha Garrison was just processed. A former command staffer for three years, I've been Garrison Membership Liaison and the Galactic Academy Instructor. I troop as either an ANH TK Stunt Stormtrooper, or TPM Darth Maul and I'm currently building a ROTS Commander Cody (Realistic). The relocation's thrown a wrench in my Cody build, all that's left is painting and strapping, then onto submission photos.

My wife and I also built a life-size static BB8 with lights, sound and some movement, which we take out to events every now-and-then. Our son is Kylo Ren, and daughter is Din Djarin with the Galactic Academy. My wife has two costumes in work (babies delayed those projects), AOTC Amidala Lake Gown Dress (Rebel Legion), and Solo Crimson Dawn Q'ira (Underworld).

Looking forward to meeting with you all and trooping at an upcoming event once we get settled.

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Re: Transplant from the Carolina Garrison

Post by Shanester »

Welcome aboard Drew! I look forward to trooping with you.

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Re: Transplant from the Carolina Garrison

Post by Reela »

We are excited to have you here in Louisiana
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Re: Transplant from the Carolina Garrison

Post by Dewka »

Hello Drew and welcome to all of you!
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