Current Command Staff

Look here information on how to join, what we do, requesting events, where to buy pieces and help building costumes.

Current Command Staff

Postby Reela » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:00 pm

I am creating this topic to keep members and non-members aware of who is on Command Staff. I will also be including emails.

Commanding Officer (CO) - Jeffrey Corbello -

Executive Officer (XO) - Kevin Bachemnin -

Captain of the Guard - Bill Plasse -

Event Coordinator (EC) for Northshore and Baton Rouge - Johnny Morse -

Event Coordinator (EC) for the North and Acadiana - Zadok Dyess -

Merchandise and Branding Officer (GMBO) - Rachel Clegg -

Public Relations Officer (PRO) - Ed Cook

Public Relations Officer (PRO) - Nick Foreman -

Charity Representative (GCR) - Devin Brunell -
Jeffrey Corbello - DZ-10008 - Dirty Tusken
Garrison Commanding Officer
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