New in Lafayette

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New in Lafayette

Post by DeepCmonkey »

Hey everyone!

First I would like to thank Paul Gary and Earl for helping me out with my password issues. Thanks guys!

SO long time follower and part time Fett builder. I finally got fed up with the depth and time it was taking me working on a ROTJ Fett.

I'm Planning on doing at 181st TI :tie: and my wife wants a Juno Eclipse :officer: costume, mean while I'll still be piecing my feet together. I met a few people from Bast Alpha on Free Comic day here in Lafayette. Everyone seems super awesome and my wife and I are really excited about joining the community!

I'm also into the X-wing miniatures game if there's anyone on here in the Laffy area that wants to play please send me a message!!

Great to finally get in here and start out my path of getting into the 501st Legion!


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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Reela »

Welcome Jeremy.
You joined at just the right time. We have several new member in Lafayette and several in the process of joining.
If you need any help or have questions please contact me (337 257 4188). I would be happy to help.
We are doing Star Wars night at the Cane Cutters game on June 7th. You should come out. Hang with us and maybe wrangle. We always need people to help out.
Glad to have you aboard.
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Name: Jeremy Chittenden
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Location: Lafayette, LA

Re: New in Lafayette

Post by DeepCmonkey »

If I'm on shore for the 7th I would love to come out and help!

Right now I'm looking for a local seamstress to do a Juno Eclipse outfit and a 181st TI jumpsuit for My wife and I. Looking for a price on those two main items. I have most the other pieces priced out, just wanting to get those main parts priced and started saving towards.

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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Balcony Brawler »

Welcome Aboard Jeremy,

I am Steven R, we talked for a little while on the Garrison Facebook page. I'm glad to see you on the boards. Since your going for the 181st I'll email you a link for that jumpsuit as well as for a few other items. I'm looking forward to helping you join the legion! Like Jeff said above me, we'd love for you to come out and help at future events. Please head on over to the future events forum and sign up as a wrangler for the events that you'd to help at.

PM incoming.

Again, welcome aboard!
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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Dewka »

Welcome! your first stop for anything and everything 181st is the Jolly Roger Squadron, where I will be assigned as your Cadet Mentor by Targ.

First stop there is the Boot Camp

and, ill say it now and I'll repeat it in the forum

Read, Research and Understand before you buy anything. There is a lot of JUNK out there being hakwed with the 501st approved label. Dont believe any of it. There is very little that is commercially produced and marketed on dot.bomb websites that meets our approval. I have a list of Squadron Approved vendors that I maintain. Wampa Wear is one of the few sites that we know is top quality, reasonably priced and very quick shipping when hes in stock.

Your first stop for your 181st is your Jacbkboots. They top out around size 10 1/2, so above that we typically use round toe motorcyle boots.

I have an active list of boot sources here:

we have talented seamstresses in the Garrison that can help with Juno, so that should not be a problem at all.

Good to have you with us!
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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Lady K »

Hi Jeremy,

I can help with the Juno and the 181st suit. I sent you a pm. Just contact me and we can discuss it further if you're interested.

Yay, another girl! Please come to the cane cutters game and see what we do. Or maybe the Dream Night at the Zoo in BR.
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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Cyber Bishop »

I am glad I was able to help with your password issue and get you running!
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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by Sharky »


Oh, HI!, I'm Cadet Sharky. Nice to know I wont be scrubbing the latrines alone. That is, until I get my wings.... :D

This is a really great group of people! From my first time wrangling, they have made me feel very welcomed and at home. Follow Dewka's advice and you will strapping into your Tie in no time.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by VADER1 »

Glad we could get you straightened out Jeremy! Welcome to the Bast Alpha forum!!!
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Re: New in Lafayette

Post by DeepCmonkey »

Finally got around to asking for my Mentor for the Jolly Rogers! Super excited!

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