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Rules and info about submitting photos

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:19 pm
by Cyber Bishop
Since the rules were wiped out in the prior board crash These guidelines need to be re established.
For the photos please take them in a normally lighted room with a minimal flash (too much light causes unnatural shadows).
The background should be a neutral color, earth tone, cream color not solid white .
If you have white armor or a while/light costume do not take your photo in front of a white background (or black)
If you have black armor or a black costume do not take your photo in front of a black background (or white)
If the background is similar to the color of your costume it will not come out right.
No illuminated green or any other colored screens please (it would have to be a solid sheet no lights or reflections)
Please use as high of a resolution camera as possible.
Some costumes may require close up shots of certain pieces of the costume.

We will need
Full body front
full body right
full body left
full body back
Bucket off
action pose

Once your photos are approved they will be cropped and uploaded to the main 501st website. Once they are in the que they can sit for up to 2 weeks before the legion moves them so please do not constantly email or PM asking where they are.