Sell me on the 501st

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Sell me on the 501st

Post by V8orBUST »

So I finished modifying my costume up to standards. I was asked today why I wanted to join the 501st and I really couldn't answer. The only thing I came up with is status I guess. One point was brought up to me, Going to events solo I can do whatever I want. Or Join and I can man a booth or "work" the event by the rules.

I know I do not Know what it's like to be a member so sell it to me. :D

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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by VADER1 »

Cool 501st Swag!!! But, there is more to it than that. Lets clear up one thing. If you join the 501st, going to a con does not mean you have to man the table or booth. Everything we do is strictly voluntary.

So, what would good reasons be to join the 501st is an excellent question and a matter of opinion. To maintain your active membership you must troop at least once a year in your 501st approved costume. That is it.

But, the 501st is what you want to make it. If you really love wearing your scout, it will provide you many more opportunities than just cons and Halloween to wear it.

A good percentage of our trooping events are benefiting a charity or organization. Many of these events you will have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. So, you can wear your costume with a purpose.

You also may have, (depending on the costume) the opportunity to troop Lucas Film or Disney official events, some of which are paying gigs. 8-)

And we try to have a lot of fun both in costume and in plain clothes.

Personal access to Star Wars celebrities at some events. Many of the actors that were in the movie, love the 501st Legion members and spending time with them. For example, this weekend Jeremy (Boba Fett) Bulloch, and Julian (Gen. Veers) Glover are having a private dinner with the 501st Pensacola Squad. How cool is that.

If you collect Star Wars related stuff, you will have a whole new world of collectables that is available to only 501st members.

You will become part a great fraternal organization that is world wide and generally wherever you may travel, they will treat you like family. I have traveled all around the country from Anchorage to Los Angeles to Orlando and in all between and I have always been made to feel very welcome by local 501st members.

Also, you will forever be a member, even in your passing you will be remembered in the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires, your ID number is yours forever. Two of our members passed in 2014. They will be honored and remembered at the 501st Bash during special showing.

These are just a few reasons.

I hope that some of our other members will share their thoughts on the benefits of being a 501st member.
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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Scribbles »

Because the first time a little kid hugs you, tells you they love you, and that you were their favorite character in all the movies, and you see the conviction and the total belief in their faces, it'll make every dollar well spent, every ache and pain worth it, and every minute you spent in the legion all account for one of the best decisions of your life.
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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Reela »

Everything Gary and Big Ryan said is true. I would like to add one more reason of my own...You look badass!!!!
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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Chief »

Both Gary and Ryan hit the nail on the head.

I must add, Your first troop you do will stick with you forever. I know mine still does the look on that little girls face made it all worth it's wild and it never gets old.
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Peter Roblin

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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Scribbles »

And besides, it's free to join. Why do it by yourself when you can do it with a bunch ofpeople who share your love for star wars, who will wind up being pretty good people to have as friends?
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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by encgardner »

Originally, I thought it'd be cool to own a movie quality costume. Learning about the costumes, how to make and build them. The excitement of finishing and being able to wear it and have others ask about it. Spreading the love and getting those people interested and excited about Star Wars.

Then the comaraderie came between the guys and gals in this group (as Gary said sort of a little fraternity and I thought that was really cool). Being able to hang out with people who didn't think it was weird to be an adult and still have a child like love for Star Wars.

Your first child experience. My first child experience was at my first troop which happened to be a "Relay for Life" cancer walk. This kid couldn't have been older than 6 and he walked up, hugged me, and grabbed my hand and did a lap around the track with me (the entire time talking about stormtroopers and Darth Vader). Having the child run up and give you the biggest hug and seeing the wonder and excitement in their eyes is beyond explaination.

Exclusive swag is pretty nice. Meeting the actors is cool too. They do tend to acknowledge and are willing to hang out when they know you are part of the 501st. Some will do exclusive meet and greets which has led to friendships with them.

These are a few reasons I can think of off the top of my head.

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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Dewka »

As a member of the Legion, you can:
Raise more charitydollars in a short amount of time than regular volunteers can in a weekend of them sitting at their little tent.
Participate in incredible things that the average public simply doesnt have access to
,participate in LFL events that are not staffed or costumed by the general public
And see first handooking back over a year oftroops thesignificant, REAL Impact you had on a number of famikies who struggle to make ends meet when their children are afflicted with diseases most of us cant pronounce.
Armor bites and sore feet are our reward for the work we do, but there are very few ways to make the difference we make outside of costume.

The bestwayto find outwhat its like is togetactive. You can wrangle outof costume, at a standard troop (cons are much different than regular events) and see how the average joe public reacts, which is much different than the convention crowd.
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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Archer »

" the over powering feeling of ones duty to serve something greater than ones self!"

I have seen first hand as a wrangler how the 501st can make a difference in so many venues.

The parades where adults are as excited as their awestruck children.

Watching my fellow 501st members surprise the kids at Boo at The Zoo and having as much fun as the kids were having!

Watching Brian Held Jr and others when we went to see Kendall in the ICU and how his parents were so grateful we made him so happy that day.

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Re: Sell me on the 501st

Post by Bubonos »

First i have to second everything said. For me it's almost all been said with the exception that its a form of therapy for me. Making kids and parents happy makes me happy. The kids!!! I'm a loving parent and nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids happy and it goes for all kids I learned. I've met some great families in my short two years with BAG. Jacob, the boy we saw in the hospital back in Dec made an impact. I was a lone imperial with a group of rebels to visit him and the feeling I got when he said I was his favorite (biker scout) was amazing! He was too weak to shake my hand or hug me but the look he gave was priceless. These kids are why I'm here and why on skipping work to troop tomorrow
Scout love from the forest moon.
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