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Hey all, granted some of you already know me from the convention circuit, Coast con, Contraflow, ect, ect, I talked with Ashley and Earl, they finally after a year convinced me to sign up on the web site and forums. Those do know me know me as one of those Starfleet guys from the New Orleans. But otherwise, I go by Andy.

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Re: Heya

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Glad you finally made it, Andy!
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Re: Heya

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Pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the Dark side.
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Re: Heya

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Hi Andy, glad to have you here.
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Re: Heya

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Welcome to the Bast Alpha forums, Andy! Please feel free to ask any questions. 8-)
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Re: Heya

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Re: Heya

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At last... Andy!!! Welcome my friend!
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Name: Andy McDonald
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Re: Heya

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, much appreciated.

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Re: Heya

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I find your lack of cheese disturbing.

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Re: Heya

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The Zapper himself!

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