Finally back on here!

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Finally back on here!

Post by BatgirlGBVader »

I tried to make my username as familiar as possible, but just in case, this is Julie Vader. I'm currently very close to being done with my TK, it just keeps getting put on hold.

Soon, though. Promise! :trooper:

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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by Chief »

Glad to have you back Julie. And we all know about life. :)
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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by Dewka »

Yo Juuuuulie!
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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by Cyber Bishop »

Hey Girl! Welcome back!!!
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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by kmcdougan »

Glad to have you back. GOod luck on finishing the TK!

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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by Gilamu »

Welcome back to the boards - let's get that TK done!
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Rogan Creel
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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by Rogan Creel »

welcome back, Julie.
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Re: Finally back on here!

Post by VooDoo »

Welcome back !! Hope you get your TK done soon.

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